Charm - PLATINUM | P950 | GH-VS

Gracefully combining the elegance of a heart-shaped bouquet and the brilliance of carefully arranged gems, the BloomHeart Cluster women Ring is a masterpiece of sentiment. Like a garden in full bloom, each gem represents a unique facet of your love story, creating a harmonious and radiant ensemble. The intricate detailing and artful craftsmanship make this ring a captivating symbol of your flourishing romance, a reminder that love, like nature, is a beautiful and ever-growing journey. Adorn your finger with the BloomHeart Cluster women Ring and carry with you a constant reminder of the blooming affection that warms your heart

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  • Metal: Platinum
  • Purity: Platinum 950
  • Weight: 5.62


Type Clarity Qty Weight
Studded GH - VS 25 0.29 CT
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