Three Things to Know Before Purchasing Your Engagement Ring: Ring Size Edition

Three Things to Know Before Purchasing Your Engagement Ring: Ring Size Edition

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is so much more than selecting your favourite design. You also need to consider other aspects and one of them is ensuring that you measure your ring size perfectly. Here are three essential things to know before you get a ‘Made to Order Ring’ which is tailor made according to your ring size

  1. Finger Sizes Can Change

Although not visible, finger sizes do fluctuate throughout the day and also with changes in our overall health. Factors like time, temperature or even health cycles can cause your fingers to swell or shrink (We hope you knew this). When you go for a made to order ring, its necessary that you get the most accurate measurement of your finger size and that’s done best when your body is at normal temperature, usually in the afternoon. This ensures that the ring will fit comfortably thoughout the day and in various conditions.

  1. Band Width Affects Fit

Two rings, although of the same size can feel different due to their width. Wider bands can feel tighter than narrow ones of the same size. This happens because wider bands cover more area of your finger, which can make it feel tighter. To ensure a comfortable fit, you need to take in account the width of the ring sizer as well. At RINGS & I, as all rings are tailor made, you would never face the ring size problem.

  1. Resizing Options

If an engagement ring doesn't fit perfectly, resizing is often possible. However, it's important to note that not all rings can be resized. Rings with intricate designs, eternity bands or tension settings cant be easily resized.

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